As well as famous brand products such as cosmetics and alcohol,
the shops also stock a wide range of popular confectionery and foodstuffs,
providing travelers with peace of mind by offering high-quality products and service.

Duty free shops

New Chitose Airport International Terminal Building
The Duty Free Shops at New Chitose Airport offer a huge selection of products, including famous brand cosmetics, Japanese and imported alcohol, tobacco, neckties, as well as foodstuffs,
licensed character-themed merchandise and the like.
If you have some time before your flight, please pop in to the New Chitose Airport Duty Free Shops.


Contact information

c/o New Chitose Airport International Terminal Bldg.,
Bibi, Chitose, Hokkaido 066-0012

TEL 0123-46-2051/FAX 0123-45-8686